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What is The Weekend Pass Registration? The Girlfriends Weekend® Pass is your pass-key to attend Girlfriends Meet Up® official social gatherings. It has always been our policy at Girlfriends Meet Up® to introduce the club and then let you decide when to take the next step to membership. Almost eight years ago we launched Girlfriends Meet Up® as an alternative to the Las Vegas’ nightclub scene, to inspire women to get out and make new friends. Over these preceding years, we’ve had a great time and the journey has been amazing. But, we have now entered into a period of incredible change that has brought about even more demand for Girlfriends Meet Up®. Thanks to our advertisements in the menus of The Cheesecake Factory®, in over 130 locations nationwide, women are reaching out to us to be their gateway to finding new friends; our response to this demand is to create The Girlfriends Weekend® Pass.

There’s more!

The resourcefulness of the Girlfriends Weekend® Pass extends beyond keeping you in the loop; it allows for you to experience Girlfriends Meet Up® official social gatherings twice a year, for a limited time. Although, it sounds like a trial, it is not! Trials almost never last over 30 days. But The Girlfriends Weekend® Pass is designed to last for as long as the membership freeze is on; that’s what separates it from a trial.

We are extremely proud of The Girlfriends Meet Up® Brand because it stands for friendship and with each opportunity we have, we strive to always provide you with privacy and luxury in a non-networking, social atmosphere so that you can make new friends with other like-minded women. Doesn’t that sound great?

What you will need to do once you purchase The Girlfriends Weekend® Pass?

We appreciate your interest in Girlfriends Meet | Up® and look forward to seeing you at the next Girlfriends Weekend®. What are you waiting for? Purchase your Weekend Pass Today! Click Here to read The Weekend Pass Agreement! 

Terms and Conditions

The Girlfriends Weekend® Registration Pass is not a Girlfriends Meet |Up® membership and should never be confused with a Girlfriends Meet |Up® membership. It is ONLY a weekend pass that provides the individual purchaser with a chance to attend The Girlfriends Weekend® up to twice a year, for limited time.

The Girlfriends Weekend® Pass Registrations are sold separately from The Girlfriends Weekend® Social Party Gatherings RSVPs and must not to be mistaken for Social Party RSVPs. Social Party RSVPs are purchased separately—based on the registrant’s preference. For example if you purchase The Girlfriends Weekend® Registration Pass you must purchase a Glam Awards Social Party RSVP only if you plan on attending Girlfriends Glam Awards® or any other social gathering.  

Weekend Passes are $150:

Girlfriends Meet | Up® reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to change or amend any or all of the eligibility requirements set forth above and these Terms & Conditions at any time.

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