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What is The Pathway To Friendship?

Girlfriends Meet | Up is proud to present the latest expansion to our club, “The Pathway to Friendship™,” our very own exclusive social media website, motivated by our passion of “Leading the way in creating new Friendships®.”  We are always looking for new ways to address the needs of our members as well as expand the club, this is why we developed the website:  To make it possible for women throughout the country to experience genuine friendships no matter where they live.  “The Pathway to Friendship” will be the most valuable asset to our friendship-building mission to date.

At Girlfriends Meet | Up, we believe that women would do more in life, that they would experience the joys of living more, if they had genuine friends to go out with.  Whether it’s working out, traveling, having lunch, or stepping out on the town for an evening of fun, “The Pathway to Friendship™” is the place where you will be able to connect with Girlfriends who share your interests.  Your life can be what you desire it to be, that’s why we developed “The Pathway to Friendship™” so you can start doing the things that bring you joy; that’s what real living is all about.  As long as you are an active member of Girlfriends Meet | Up®, this invaluable resource will be available for you to remain connected 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

Have you relocated and left all your girlfriends behind?  Are you having a hard time finding good friends that share your interests?  Finding genuine friends is sometimes hard when you don’t have a good avenue to meet people, but with Girlfriends Meet | Up there will never be a shortage of women to connect with who share your interests.  We launched a nationwide campaign to provide Girlfriends Meet | Up to women all over the country.  Our advertisements have already hit menus in Cheesecake Factory restaurants nationwide.  We are staging an aggressive campaign to let as many women as possible know about our club.  “The Pathway to Friendship™” will be available to gather all these women together online for you to connect with!  Now finding genuine friends won’t be so hard.

Whether you’re looking for a girlfriend to get a mani-pedi with, a shopping partner in crime, a hiking buddy, or are simply tired of doing life alone and want to share a laugh or two with someone you should join us.  Our club and “The Pathway to Friendship™” give you an effortless way to make friends, whatever your interests are. 

There’s nothing like a Girlfriends Meet | Up membership.   What makes Girlfriends Meet | Up unique is our brand promise:  Our unwavering commitment to friendships.  We understand the importance of preserving your privacy and know how bothersome solicitation can be, especially if you’re trying to have some fun and enjoy some “me time.”  Our zero-tolerance no-networking policy ensures you have a great time without a sales pitch.

If you are a woman 21 years of age or older and are looking to meet like-minded friends, a Girlfriends Meet | Up membership is what you need.