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Five years after relocating to Las Vegas and settling into her new life, Infinite realized a need that had to be fulfilled in the lives of the women she met.  Women from all walks of life:  Married, single, divorced, engaged, etc. were in need of an alternative to the Las Vegas nightclub scene.  Something that was private, safe, and fun.  A girl friends night out that was entertaining, exciting, fulfilling, luxurious and, most importantly, private, was what Las Vegas was lacking, and Infinite knew what needed to be done.

Infinite has spent the majority of her life in the fashion industry, from design and sales to managing her own women’s clothing business.  Due to her prior experience, she has an extensive knowledge about women’s needs.

Realizing her strong desire to bring happiness, health, wealth, and all-around success to the lives of others, on June 25, 2008, she launched Girlfriends Meet | Up® a private social club for women with an exclusive focus on friendships.  She began hosting monthly social gatherings for the club at the Red Rock Country Club in Las Vegas.  By combining her knowledge about women’s needs and her desire to help others, she came up with exactly what the women of Las Vegas needed.

After a year or so of successfully enhancing the lives of the women of Las Vegas, Infinite realized that women all over the country should have the opportunity to get out and make new friends too.  In 2010 she made the decision to move the Girlfriends Meet | Up® headquarters to Dallas, Texas and started making preparations to offer the club to women nationwide. 

In 2016, the revamped club will be introduced, with a new social media website exclusively for members-only, events, an, and its own television show.  Infinite and Girlfriends Meet | Up’s goal is to improve the lives of as many women as they can nationwide.  Infinite is continually developing enhancements to the club and is committed to making the friendship-building experience the best it can be.



Is to lead the way in creating genuine new friendships, through a private social club with an exclusive focus on friendships for women. We are committed to providing fun and exciting social gatherings for the purpose of entertainment and fostering the natural bond between all women for the camaraderie of feminine instinct.